Friday 24 May 2013


Indigenous Peoples around the world are historically subjected to periodic and continuous occupancy by alien corporate, religious, military; and, governing bodies, who settle upon the lands and claim resources in a new regime of administration - as "squatters"/ "land law"; and, in evident, considered contravention of the UN Charter, Chapter VII. Custom Law is paramount in OIPC deliberations; qualified by the Universal Declaration Of Rights and Freedoms. The legal principles of "Free, Prior, Informed Consent" form the apex of OIPC decision-making in both domestic and international disputes. Of especial concern to OIPC is the historical claims of Discovery Doctrine and the resulting judicious mind-set of Reverse Onus in matters of original indigenous land title and paramount governance / sovereignty of the state nation in absence of oppression (unenforceable) ... Rules of Treaty Making. n.b. history of the Two Row Treaties. (n.b. HTG)

In this modern era of Earth population;  with more expansive and more evident open democratic principles of nationhood, it becomes apparent that the universality of fundamental human rights will become incorporated into all regions, nations and territories.

Hence, the Founding Group for this OIPC : Original Indigenous Peoples Court : has elected to proclaim the forthcoming international scope of justice through a true for of independent justice administration. The independence is to be sponsored through an international perpetual JUSTICE FUND TRUST, created solely by donations from individuals. The principal remains in the JFT; and, is secured through an existing indigenous trust that is linked into the B.I.S. via a recognized national bank.

This is obviously a monumental task when considering the historical, empirical nature of human hood; and, the established relationship between banks, military and church as a complex in league with international for-profit corporations.

Nevertheless, indigenous Peoples are coming of age through communication technologies; all ages and genders are finding theatres for expression. And, the human conscience is struggling in a positive network of conspiracies to find open dialogue for resolving this unwritten nature of the Peoples Agenda for providing - in an equitable manner - those basic elements that establish the nature of mutual respect.

Thus, it is with this positive focus of Peace, Trust and Friendship that this gathering of the Founding Group for the commencement of developing the corporate plan for this Original Indigenous Peoples International Court of Justice is declared. The universal call for the convention to induct the Charter, Declaration, Policies and Practises is scheduled for 2015.

We have great faith and trust in the fundamental good spirit of human beings in this social contract of life on Earth; and, we are sincerely committed to providing and preserving the integrity of justice to be formed in this OIPC INTL enterprise.  Note : The World Justice Project.

OIPC & Divisional Seats Funding is entirely provided through the green energy stewardship projects for sustainable green energy; production of foods and healing herbs; retention and preservation of the integrity of domestic and international waterways; free public education; and, enforcement of sustainable atmosphere integrity.